Growth Capital

Companies in an expansion mode sometimes find that their requirement for growth capital outstrips what they are able to facilitate from a traditional senior lender. The consequence is often that an increased demand for a company’s product or service has an overall negative effect because of insufficient working capital to fund the actual operations of the company. Cambio takes a very strategic approach to raising capital, recognizing that finding a good financial partner is generally better than just taking the cheapest cost of capital. In other words, Cambio works hard to partner you with financial partners that recognize that there are ups and downs in every business and won’t overreact with things don’t always turn out as expected. Further, fast growth companies will often need to raise more money in the future, and as such, having a partner that can fund future transactions is very important.


Sale of Business

Selling a business is a significant event to any business owner. more

Mergers & Acquisitions

Cambio takes a long-term, holistic view of our clients' acquisition initiatives.more

Growth Capital

Increased working capital to help companies grow. more

Shareholder Buyouts

Transactions where a shareholder is being bought out by other owners. more

Real Estate

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